Divorce ... The Smart + FAST Way

Upfront preparation ... BEFORE YOU START THE LEGAL PROCESS ... is the key to avoiding a costly divorce. Few people do the upfront work, quite simply, because THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Enroll to learn the EMOTIONAL, FINANCIAL + LEGAL landscapes of divorce, so that you can better navigate the process better and save yourself HUGE time, money + stress.

This ACCELERATED VERSION of the course takes just 3 weeks instead of 8! Your program investment of just $397 will empower you in better navigating this process for success AND in minimizing negative impact on you, your health, your children AND your bank account.

Scroll down to access the 8-week version of this course.

What Makes Divorce So Expensive?

  • Lack Of Knowledge

    Not knowing the divorce process puts you in a powerless position =
    limited possibilities + choices =
    more time, money + stress.

  • Lack Of Clarity

    Not knowing what you want or assuming what you don't know =
    confusion + unrealistic expectations =
    more time, money + stress.

  • Lack Of Preparation

    Not knowing what you want, what is realistic or what will fund your future =
    victim mentality + lack of strategy =
    more time, money + stress.

Knowledge Minimizes Fear

You are in unknown territory ... you don't know where you are, where you're going or even what the next step is. It's a powerless place to be ... and if you make decisions from this place, they will likely be ones you will regret.

Getting stuck, moving forward blindly or being attached to unrealistic expectations WILL dramatically increase the time, money and stress you SPEND in this process. AND it will result in you getting divorced, but not necessarily with what you want OR with what you need to fund your future.

Do The Upfront Work

Get the inside scoop on the EMOTIONAL, FINANCIAL + LEGAL landscapes of divorce ... to help you get off the emotional roller coaster and gain real knowledge, tools and strategies to move forward from a confident position of power.

3 Weeks, 10 Videos, 20+ Checklists, Exercises + Worksheets for $397, which is LESS Than The Cost Of 1 Hour Of An Attorney's Time.

Every 3 days you will be able to access the next module. If you're not in a hurry, scroll down to access the 8-week version of this course.

And if you need more personalized help, invest in a 1:1 consultation with Laura (on a first come, first serve basis).

Program Modules

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • New Participant Questionnaire

    • Start Here!

    • Checklist: Getting Started

  • 2

    Divorce Overview

    • Video: Introduction + Divorce Overview

    • Complete Your DIVORCE Wheel Of Life Chart

    • Complete Your FEAR Chart

    • Complete Your DESIRE Chart

  • 3

    Module 1a: Emotional Landscape of Divorce

    • Module 1a: The Emotional Landscape of Divorce

    • Module 1a: Request

    • Stress Release Meditation

  • 4

    Module 1b: Emotional Landscape Tools

    • Module 1b: Emotional Landscape Tools

    • Best Self / Inner Leader Identification

    • Values Identification

    • Best Practices With Children

  • 5

    Module 2a: Financial Landscape of Divorce

    • Module 2a: The Financial Landscape of Divorce

    • Financial Worksheets

  • 6

    Module 2b: Creating Your Road Map

    • Module 2b: Creating Your Road Map

    • Create Your Future Vision

    • Bonus Interview With Leah Hadley, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst!

  • 7

    Module 3a: Legal Landscape of Divorce

    • Module 3a: The Legal Landscape of Divorce

    • Knowledge & Tools To Better Navigate The Legal Process

  • 8

    Module 3b: Negotiating For Your Future

    • Module 3b: Negotiating For Your Future

    • Tools To Give You Clarity In Your Negotiation

  • 9

    Completion Summary

    • Completion Summary

    • What Did You Learn? How Does It Inform Your Future?

    • Program Completion Survey

  • 10

    Bonus Interview With Special Guest Sandy Weiner, Post-Divorce Dating Coach!

    • Bonus Interview With Special Guest Sandy Weiner, Dating + Empowerment Coach + Podcast Host

Meet Laura

Laura Miolla

Laura Miolla is all about MOXIE … because Moxie means “an attitude of fearlessness in every day circumstances.” Her business, MoxieLife Coach, empowers you to use divorce as a springboard for making positive change in all parts of your life, career and business. Laura is a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through The Co-Active Training Institute, a Certified Mediator and also a Certified Parentology Coach helping improve co-parenting relationships and help children in the divorce process. Laura has coached individuals all over the world, been published by numerous online publications and hosted her own national radio show on divorce.

Client Love

Andrea Tolman

I had to share - I am officially divorced!! Every. Single. Thing I wanted to achieve financially and custody wise - I. GOT!

Through settlement!

Thank you so much for being a significantly pivotal role in getting me here!!!!

Cannot. Thank you. Enough!!


Leslie Rezgui

Laura was invaluable in helping me through my divorce in a graceful and amicable way. I was terrified of the process, but Laura helped me break it down into manageable "next steps" to be accomplished one by one. She also gave me infinite support in loving myself through it all. After my divorce, I was let go from my job of eight years. We created a vision of my ideal position, and a few months later, that job literally found me! AND in that same week, I met my current partner. Today, my life, job and relationship have never been better.

Cara Shaw

Coaching through MoxieLife has given me ways to be the best version of myself in my personal and professional life. I went from a fearful call in my basement bathroom, wondering if I could plan a better life, to living my best life working in New York City. Instead of living in fear of negative perceptions, I have chosen to see the positive outcomes of my making good choices about my goals.

Kathryn Remati

Laura is a life saver and I am so glad I had her in my corner throughout the divorce process. Call her if you want honest, authentic, knowledgeable help from a very experienced and trained coach. She also was invaluable for my business since she is a leadership coach too. You rock Laura! I highly recommend Laura. She truly is an expert in her field.

Natalie Slate

I was stuck in life, letting all my choices be made for me because I couldn’t make any. Working with Laura, I first defined what I valued most so that I could then move forward, choosing a path that I desired based on my values. I was given the tools I need to make decisions I truly wanted. Now as new challenges pop up in my life, I am able to tune into myself, address my needs and move forward with purpose. I am able to let go of the past or future and make decisions in the present moment. Coaching helped unstick me from whom I thought I was supposed to be and helped me be who I am.

Caroline Adams

Laura’s help was invaluable as I transitioned out of a 12-year marriage and a life that felt full of unnecessary pressure, disappointing and frustrating at times. My experience with Laura helped me get a better appreciation of the woman I’ve always been during one of the most difficult timed in my life! She is a great listener, holds me accountable to my feelings, choices and actions. She has a gift for making powerful life-changing concepts simple and clear! I tell EVERYONE I meet about her, so many of us suffer in silence with our own personal trauma, she’s truly a healer!

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